Brain Speed Coach  

Trent McIntire is a former professional dancer and pilates studio owner with more than 20 years of helping people gain back their mobility through his Movement Gap programs. Trent was born with a mild form of Cerebral Palsy but he didn’t let that stop him from participating in sports & dance, studying Movement Analysis, Kinesiology and Anatomy at Michigan State University, and performing on stages throughout the country.

Trent opened up his own Pilates Studio and used it as a way to teach his transformational neuro-movement methods and tools to clients and movement professionals around the globe. He created his Fire Up Your Brain program as a fun, engaging, and affordable way to get his methods, tools and message out to help people move past their debilitating situations, as he had. His programs have helped many different types of people – e.g. children who struggle with focus, seniors dealing with balance and mobility issues, people living with neurological conditions like Parkinson’s, MS, and Alzheimer’s, and /or athletes who have suffered concussions, injuries and other debilitating circumstances.

Trent is currently spending his time problem solving and educating the world through his AskTrent Live Programming, building a network of BrainSpeed Coaches, and public speaking to educate the public on enhancing brain performance. You can contact Trent at,,  or @fireupyourbrain.