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chickpea tomatoes salad with parsley in black bowl, homemade tahini sauce sprinkled with black sesame seeds and bottle of olive oil on white table, ingredients on chopping board, view from above

Foods 4 Healing

Eat Well For Heart HealthToday’s podcast talks about 5 types of food that are very good for your heart health. This is especially important during what is for many people

Clear Thinking?

Spend Less Time Worrying & More Time Doing!Spending time worrying about things that happened in the past or may happen in the future is like throwing that time away. You
Spark your brain energy

Brain Boost

Brain Booster InterviewVery interesting interview with Susan Gibson, founder of Vivolor Therapeutics. Listen to our conversation about what things can negatively affect your brain and what you can do to
Mature people meditatins

Meditation Growth Well-being

Interview with Ronald HuntRon Hunt is truly a Renaissance man - Reiki Teacher Master, NLP Certified, Life Coach, Modern Minister and Life Cycle Celebrant. He has a passion for helping
Woman reading labels in store

New Nutrition Label

Should You Care About the New Label?This is the first update since 2006 of the Nutrition Label on food products. You may have already seen companies using this new label.
Overhead shot of tasty fine vegetarian plant-based international cuisine on artisanal ceramic plate including naan bread, tomatoes and herbs for mindful eating and a nutritious plant based diet.

Mindful Intuitive Eating

What is Intuitive Eating?Meet Lynnea Courtney in today’s podcast interview. She is an Intuitive Eating Coach and teaches Mindful Intuitive Eating to her clients and she tells us what Intuitive
Gray Haired woman at window

Are You Going Gray?

Curious About Gray Hair?Here are a few of the interesting items that I talk about in today's podcast. Listen above to hear the full story...Hair turns gray when the melanocyte
Woman with arms raised

Stand Up Straight

Good Posture for Strong Muscles  Posture-related muscle weakness and rigidity can develop as you get older.Poor posture can affect your balance, strength, and flexibility and lead to chronic pain.There are many
Stress Management

Stress Got You Down?

Managing Stress - Is It Possible?Manage your stress to maintain longer term memory and brain capacityLearn about how fast stress can injure your brain (it doesn't take very long) and