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Sleep Disorder

Why We Snore

 Interview with Dr. Dave Shirazi  YouTube video of the Interview    Today’s interview is with David Sherazi, D.D.S. We had a great conversation about TMJ (when you clench your teeth), snoring /
Tired psychologist having a little nap after hard-working day

Do You Take Naps?

 Do Naps Affect Your Nighttime Sleeping? Today’s podcast is about taking naps and if is it good for you to do that. There are a lot of pros and cons mostly
Plate of healthy food

American Diet Today

 Food Changes   The American diet is not getting healthier - it’s getting unhealthier. The average daily calorie count that the “normal” American eats has increased from 2000 calories in 1970
variety of fermented probiotic foods for gut health

Good Gut Bacteria

  Why Probiotics Are Good For You  This week’s podcast is is about Probiotics, what they are, how they work, and what they work for. Did you know that they are
Woman sleeping

How Well Do You Sleep?

  Do You Need More?  Sleeping is one of those things that we don’t think too much about until we start experiencing issues with it. This podcast is about some of
Main food groups

Nutrient Needs & Aging

  Continuing the Conversation...    Dr. Cris Azzola, N.D., is my guest in today’s podcast for the second part of our discussion around how our bodies change as we age. The first
Brain model made from rusty metal gears and gold one

Improving Memory & Focus

How to Remember Better  Everyone, but especially those of us over 50, is trying to find out how to improve our memories and our focus. And there are a lot of
Variety of fresh organic vegetables and fruits in the garden

Digestion & Age

New Interview with Dr. Crishttps://youtu.be/MYiVcZM_TwYDr. Cris Azzola joined me for a talk about digestion and how it changes as we age. It was so informative and interesting to go deeper
Basics of healthy nutrition.

What is Calorie Density?

Eat More With Fewer Calories  Have you heard of calorie density before? I hadn’t and I was surprised as I’ve been a student of healthy food and diets for over 30