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Goods containing vitamin d

Vitamin D and Cancer

What the VITAL Study Found  2-3 years ago there were a couple of research studies published called the VITAL study which looked at the the affect of Vitamin D and Omega-3’s
senior falling vector

Maintaining Your Balance

Don't Fall Down This podcast is about keeping your balance physically, not emotionally, better known as not falling and hurting yourself. I have a lot of experience with falling, not purposefully,
Selection of edible mushrooms

Mushrooms As Food and Medicine

Why Mushrooms Are So Good For You  https://youtu.be/R5QolspQEF0 Today’s guest is Jeff Chilton, the owner of Nammex (North American Medicinal Mushroom Extracts). Jeff’s interest in mushrooms started when he was a student
Senior Couple Relaxing In Autumn Landscape

Live a Stress-Free Day

How to Lower Your Stress in 10 Minutes This week’s podcast is another short but valuable show. I have collected a number of ways that we can, in a short amount

Dr. Jay – The Brain Doctor

Conversation With Dr. Jay Sordeanhttps://youtu.be/8bv4sXZ_bXsDr. Jay Sordean has over 40+ years of experience as an acupuncturist, herbalist, nutritional therapist, homeopath, and wellness consultant. His office is in Berkeley, California but
Giles P Croft at chair

Medicine to Wellbeing Wednesdays

Conversation with Giles P. Croft https://youtu.be/w5hYvpnh-MkMy guest today is Giles P Croft, a former NHS (National Health Service, UK) surgeon who stepped aside from clinical practice for a decade to explore
Happy Holidays + gift

My 2020 Holiday Message

Happy Holidays!! This holiday podcast is very short because I am taking some time off during the Hanukah and Xmas holidays. But I did want to send a health & wellness