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What is Green Goo?

Why Do You Need It?    https://youtu.be/gUCKHxhDXF0   In this episode I have an interesting chat with Jodi Scott, CEO of Sierra Sage Herbs, the innovative force behind Green Goo's plant-based body care products.

Unveiling Paths to Midlife Self Discovery

Elaine Glass & "Get Quiet"     https://youtu.be/GhtVI5_8UIA   Elaine Glass, master life coach for women in their later years, is here to help us delve into the transformative power of quiet time, self-reflection, and

A Unique Exercise Experience for Seniors

A NEW FITNESS SOFTWARE FOR SENIORS     https://youtu.be/Np3NoYtYHxU   In this week’s episode of HTA50, Mark Evin joins me to talk about LudoFit, a new fitness software designed specifically for seniors. LudoFit blends exercise

Scalar Energy for Quantum Healing

Tom Paladino's Energy Discoveries     https://youtu.be/pr-JpwHd5GE   This week I have a fascinating conversation that's sure to ignite your curiosity and perhaps even challenge the way you think about health and energy. My guest,

Meta Brain Labs Coaching

Weight Loss Success      https://youtu.be/3Tfx07Rgz3s   In this insightful episode my guest is Kim Askey Strasser, a seasoned life and weight loss coach and nurse executive leader. With three years of life coaching experience

Evading Everyday Toxins

Functional Medicine Doctor Wendie Trubow   https://youtu.be/0uu_zz6Qcu8   In this episode of HealthyTipsAfter50 Podcast, I talk with Dr. Wendie Trubow, a functional medicine doctor with a focus on detoxification and reducing exposure to environmental

Udo Erasmus Shares His Insights on Wellness

Healthy Oils, Balanced Nutrition, & Wholesome Living    https://youtu.be/LXG2tia3oZI   Today, we're honored to feature a health pioneer, Udo Erasmus. Udo's remarkable story began amidst World War II and took him on a quest through