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How To Sleep Better #2

Your Bedroom is Important This blog is about making your bedroom more conducive for getting to sleep, sleeping productively, and also staying asleep. It is also the second of 3 blogs
Sleep Better

How to Sleep Better

In Case You Missed It... The NYTimes, in January, 2018, reported that “Americans are finally getting more sleep -- about 18 minutes more per weeknight compared with 2003”. They continued to
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Blood Pressure Mistakes

Blood Pressure Mistakes This blog post is a companion piece to my earlier blog where I went over the new Blood Pressure Guidelines that the American Heart Association, and 10 other
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High Blood Pressure?

What is High Blood Pressure? I’m sure that everyone reading this is familiar with a Blood Pressure Reading - we all get it taken whenever we go in to see the
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Women and Stroke Risk

Strokes by Gender Women have an overall higher risk for having a stroke and typically do worse when they do have one. Gender disparities were studied in Stroke and they found
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Strokes – Signs & Symptoms

Signs of a Stroke... This blog is very important, it will explain what a stroke is and how you will know if you or someone else is having one. Knowing the