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Improving Memory & Focus

How to Remember Better  Everyone, but especially those of us over 50, is trying to find out how to improve our memories and our focus. And there are a lot of
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Digestion & Age

New Interview with Dr. Cris Cris Azzola joined me for a talk about digestion and how it changes as we age. It was so informative and interesting to go deeper
Basics of healthy nutrition.

What is Calorie Density?

Eat More With Fewer Calories  Have you heard of calorie density before? I hadn’t and I was surprised as I’ve been a student of healthy food and diets for over 30
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Growth of NAFLD Disease

NAFLD and NASH Diseases Do you know what NAFLD is? NAFLD stands for Non-Alcohol Fatty Liver Disease and It is an umbrella term for a range of liver conditions affecting people
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What To Do About Toxins

Talking about toxins with Dr. Cris Azzola show marks the return of Dr. Cris Azzola, a licensed naturopath in San Francisco. Cris is going to come on the show on
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Worse Than the Dirty Dozen

2020 Report on Raisins  Today’s show brings us up to date on one of the Environmental Working Group’s (EWG) dirtiest food. They reported on the Department of Agriculture’s 2020 pesticide residue
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Vitamin D and Cancer

What the VITAL Study Found  2-3 years ago there were a couple of research studies published called the VITAL study which looked at the the affect of Vitamin D and Omega-3’s
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Maintaining Your Balance

Don't Fall Down This podcast is about keeping your balance physically, not emotionally, better known as not falling and hurting yourself. I have a lot of experience with falling, not purposefully,