Walking For Health

Live Longer By Walking MoreFour year study of 16,741 women (average age 72) showed those who walked briskly for 70 minutes per day had a 60-70% lower risk of death
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The Portfolio Diet

Lower Your CholesterolIn a recent study (July 2019) the Portfolio Diet lowered cholesterol by 27%This is a flexible diet that gives you 4 "food components" from which you pick low-saturated
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Good Health Tips

Three Tips for Good Health   First let me apologize for the bad static on the recording. Won't happen again. :-) 12-year study of 26,000 American women.Those who ate a diet very close

Purpose-Driven Health

Longer Purpose-Driven LifeWhat it is: study authors defined it as having an aim in life and goals.Study shows lower risk of death from specific causes:Cardiovascular diseaseBlood conditionsOverall Digestive conditionsThis was an
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Martial Arts For Health

Martial Arts Workouts For Your HealthMartial Arts are good for building agility, flexibility, and controlling emotions among many other things.Studies have also found that they help with cognitive improvements, reductions
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Pain – A Self-Fulfilling Prophecy

Pick Your Pain Level  Brain-imaging study confirms that our expectations can create our level of painLearn what the nocebo effect is as compared to the placebo effectMind-body connection is confirmed again
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Three Short Subjects

3 Short SubjectsHeart Disease (heart attack and/or angina) related to Cognitive DeclineStudy found these people were at higher risk for cognitive decline in later years after one of these episodes.People
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Why We Age Explained

Why We Age - New CauseNew research from the University of Southern California (USC) Viterbi School of Engineering (reported in Science Daily).They are looking at senescence to selectively eliminate them
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Your Hip Health

Take Care of Your Hips  Your Hip is an intricately designed weight-bearing joint.And it will wear out or break if you don't take care of it.In today's podcast you will learn