Dynamic Balance

Dynamic Balance Training

    Movement-Based Fitness     https://youtu.be/UQlTF966G44 Andy Chan is a certified strength & conditioning specialist, educator, and speaker from Hong Kong. He has a genuine passion for making a positive impact in
Movement - Playing Ball

Amazing Life Journey

 Movement Gap Coach  https://youtu.be/z1PkoLn0Tso Trent McIntire is a former professional dancer and pilates studio owner with more than 20 years of helping people gain back their mobility through his Movement Gap programs.
Turn Back Time

Turn Back Time

  Age Reversal Expert  https://youtu.be/RbrSzLJimycThis week’s guest, Larisa Petrini, is an Age Reversal Expert and Epigenetic specialist known for turning the clock back 10 years for her clients. She is the
Self-Made U Wide

Self-Made U

 Life & Weight Loss Coaching  https://youtu.be/st0oQzFflac Tracy Pleschourt, the Founder of Self-Made U and the host of Secrets of the Self-Made Podcast helps men and women create Self-Made wealth and wellness through
Four Body types wide

Body Type Science

 Fellow One Research   https://youtu.be/wMMFoAqijP4This week’s podcast, with Marc Nelson of Fellow One Research, is about something I had never heard of but which I am definitely going to learn more about.
Dr Peebles cover rectangle

ProHealth Chiropractor

  Author & Physician  https://youtu.be/eVafJQVgsSQMy guest today is Dr. Danielle Peebles, an author and Chiropractic physician in St. Louis, MO. One of her major accomplishments has been her Pro Health
Recovery Plus

Recovery Plus Health

Reinvigorating Life  https://youtu.be/4nEt76zfcCA Tim Bilbrey is an Exercise Physiologist with almost 20 years of experience in Cardiac Rehab. He is currently President and Co-Founder of RecoveryPlus.health, delivering technologically advanced and customized remote
fitter faster book cover

Healthy Skeptic Returns

  Fitter Faster  https://youtu.be/tSfGsUrutFYRobert Davis, The Healthy Skeptic, was on HTA50 in October of 2021 to talk about his book Supersized Lies. Today he’s returned to talk about his newest book,
Happy Healthy

Happy Whole You

  Dr. Anna Marie Frank  https://youtu.be/CNBlOmbXMaU Dr. Anna Marie Frank is a doctor of Naturopathy, certified brain health practitioner, worksite wellness specialist and the founder of Happy Whole You. She has spent

Simple Self Creation

  A New Understanding of Life  https://youtu.be/sg64G75XYeIThis week’s podcast interview is with Michaela Ellis, an Alberta, Canada, based coach. Michaela, like so many of us, spent 17 years in government and