Curious About Gray Hair?

Gray Haired woman at window

Here are a few of the interesting items that I talk about in today’s podcast. Listen above to hear the full story…

  • Hair turns gray when the melanocyte cells stop being able to produce pigment called melanin.

  • Interestingly the hair doesn’t actually turn gray – it’s white because it has no pigment. It just looks gray next to the hairs with color.

  • Men get more gray hair than women and Caucasians get more than people of Asian and African descent.

  • Stress probably could make you go gray faster due to inflammation and free-radicals which affect the level of melanin.

  • Smoking has been linked to premature graying because it also affects the melanin levels.

  • Lastly, supplements aren’t of any value at this point to stop the graying of your hair.

For next week’s show I’ll have an interview with a health coach to talk about diet and healthy eating. Be sure to tune in and pick up some “healthy tips”.

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