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My guest this week is Anthony Beven – a Certified Blood Analyst, Detox Specialist, and wellness coach for chronically ill clients. He is also CEO of Detox Day Spa Nutritional Coaching which offers a mostly virtual coaching business model. Anthony started in the detox field (aka cellular-level regeneration) in 2017 after he reset and rebooted his own body due to back-to-back HIV and cancer diagnoses.

We talked about how he’s been working with clients to resolve and/or gain control of health issues related to digestive discomfort, natural weight loss, parasitic infections, candida overgrowths, adrenal gland concerns, energy and sleep issues, among others. You’ll learn about the use and value of enzymes and supplements such as the protein powders that he’s personally developed. It was an interesting discussion.

You can learn more about Anthony and find out how to work with him by visiting

His website



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