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In this episode of the HTA50 Podcast, I welcome guest Deanna Schober, co-host of the Fitness and Sushi podcast. Deanna shares her personal journey of overcoming eating disorders and how it has shaped her approach to helping others develop a healthy relationship with food, body, exercise, and mind. As we delve into the topic, Deanna and I discuss the pitfalls of restrictive diets, the importance of self-care, and the need to prioritize emotional well-being. With our shared experiences and expertise, we offer valuable insights and practical strategies to promote lasting change and healing. This is especially appropriate with the year-end holidays approaching and all of the good food and desserts that go along with them!

Throughout the episode, Deanna and I stress the significance of mindset shifts and creating personalized, sustainable healthy lifestyles. We emphasize the harmful effects of yo-yo dieting and how it fails to address underlying emotional issues and food relationships. Instead, we advocate for focusing on abundance, making informed food choices, and developing flexible guidelines rather than strict rules. With our holistic approach, Deanna and I aim to help listeners break free from the cycle of dieting and create lasting change that enhances their overall well-being.

Listeners will also gain valuable insights into the nuances of health, as Deanna and I discuss the importance of addressing individual needs and goals, highlight the importance of informed decision-making for those with food intolerances, and the need to approach health in a shades-of-gray manner. Additionally, we tackle the topic of body image issues and the impact it has on both men and women. With our compassionate and experienced perspectives, Deanna and I offer support, guidance, and hope for anyone struggling with disordered eating and body image issues, regardless of gender.

You can connect with Deanna and her husband Tony by listening to their podcast, Fitness & Sushi, and you can also connect with them on Instagram…

Deanna: @deannaschober
Tony: @tony.schober


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