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Medical Hypnosis has become a much more respected tool in the medical toolbox. In most people it can help with phobias and PTSD, hot flashes, pain control, insomnia, quitting smoking, overeating and obesity to name just a few.

Medical or Clinical Hypnosis (same thing just different descriptor) has been around for over 200 years. We all grew up watching comedy skits or movies where someone is hypnotized and then sent out to do something dastardly which they can’t help themselves from doing. Makes for good drama or comedy but it’s not true in real life. You can’t be hypnotized to do something against your will. And indeed even Medical Hypnosis won’t work very well if you are not aligned with the treatment.

I talk about a study involving 2 groups of women who are suffering from IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). IBS has no known treatment at this point in time so the study group was looking to see if Medical Hypnosis could be a valuable treatment. You’ll hear about the treatment protocol they used and how they used MRI scans to compare results.

The question of where/how to find a qualified Medical Hypnosis Practitioner is an important one and I make a few suggestions at the end. I mention the 2 major Hypnosis Associations and said I would include their websites here in the show notes – you can find them down below.

But first I want to say that I do answer the question, Can Medical Hypnosis Help You? at the end of the podcast and I’m sure you have figured out that I think the answer is yes, but it really is something you need to follow up on yourself to see if it actually does help you.

American Society for Clinical Hypnosis    

Society for Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis 

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