Interview with Dr. Neda Shamie


Today’s guest, Dr. Neda Shamie, is an Opthalmologist M.D. at The Maloney-Shamie Vision Institute in Los Angeles, CA. We had a very interesting and enlightening conversation about cataracts, what to watch for, what to do if you think you’ve developed them, and the many options now available to us to fix them. Most options actually give you better eye sight and you can choose what you want – better reading, better far vision, or a combination of them both. It’s like being given another 20+ years of clear vision.

Dr. Shamie also explained how important it is to get an annual eye examination, what to ask about, and what to tell your doctor about any issues you’re having. After this discussion I realized how lucky we all are to be living in a time where cataracts can be fixed and our lives improved in an office visit of just 20-30 minutes.

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