Redefining Retirement

Embracing the Silver Economy     https://youtu.be/hZUi2mxPtgQ   My guest this week is entrepreneur Wallis Pattisonn. We had a great conversation about redefining retirement and seizing opportunities in the "silver economy." Wallis emphasizes the importance

Navigating the Risks of Online Health Advice

Functional Medicine Expert    https://youtu.be/mL6sEJNM-Vk   My guest this week is Paul Burgess, the owner of Paul Burgess Functional Medicine Limited, to tackle the topic of conflicting online health information and the importance of

Optimizing Women’s Health After 50

Barbara Diaz de Leon Returns to HTA50    https://youtu.be/wgZok3BAOLc   Barbara Diaz de Leon is a licensed Registered Nurse and a Health Coach certified through the Primal Health Coach Institute and the Institute of

Cleaning Your Indoor Air

Mold & Mildew In Your Home      In today's episode, I have the pleasure of having a conversation with Michael Rubino, the founder of Home Cleanse and Change the Air Foundation. We
Heart Art Wide

Renewing Wellness with RecoveryPlus

Interview with Marvin Keyser    https://youtu.be/zm8mA5Pfjh8   Today I’m talking with Marvin Keyser about his life-saving experience with RecoveryPlus, an in-home remote rehab and personalized care program. For my long-time listeners you may remember

Nutritional Wisdom and Brain Health

Dr. John Lewis Nutrition    https://youtu.be/PHmpVu_Uv_o   In this episode, I am talking with Dr. John Lewis, a physiologist with a wealth of knowledge in nutrition and dietary supplements. Dr. Lewis shares his expertise
over 50 man having a senior moment

Memory Lapses & Senior Moments

Living with Senior Moments      https://youtu.be/rs97dNMhfP8   This week’s guest is Dr. Stan Goldberg, A former professor of communication disorders he retired at 57 due to memory issues and a sleep disorder. It was