Are They Healthy For Us?

coffee beans and coffee

I read an article about coffee and the health benefits of it which aroused my curiosity and led to this week’s podcast subject – Coffee & Caffeine. I found quite a few recent studies that showed the health benefits of coffee and especially of caffeinated coffee. The only bad kind of coffee is very hot coffee – drinking that can increase your risk of developing esophageal cancer.

Otherwise it can lower your risk for multiple kinds of cancer, there’s a list in the podcast and the relative amount in each. If you drink unfiltered coffee on a regular basis it can cause your cholesterol to rise.  There have also been studies looking at the association of coffee and gallstones, with poor cognitive functioning, and with high blood pressure.

Coffee is considered to be a food and at this point I would venture to say a health food. I certainly can’t make it through my day without a cup or two of it and after doing this podcast I’m going to start drinking even more caffeinated coffee as well. Hope you enjoy your cup of coffee.

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