Feeling At Home in Your Body


Welcome back to another episode of the HealthyTipsAfter50 Podcast! I’m your host, Susan Rosin, and today we have a very special guest joining us, Nina Manolson, a renowned body peace coach who is here to talk to us about finding that much sought-after “body peace.” 

In this episode titled “Creating Body Peace,” Nina dives deep into the topic of body image and our relationship with food. Drawing from her personal journey of healing her own relationship with her body, as well as her extensive professional training as a therapist, Nina shares valuable insights and strategies to help women feel at home in their bodies, especially as we navigate the changes and challenges that come with aging.

Nina challenges the notion of engaging in a constant “body war” and promotes creating a sustainable, nurturing relationship with our bodies. She emphasizes the importance of respectful and responsive self-care practices to counteract the reliance on short-term weight management systems and diets.

Throughout the discussion, Nina raises thought-provoking questions about the societal norms and expectations that influence our perceptions of our bodies. She also addresses issues related to bias in healthcare based on weight and the need to shift the focus towards supporting our bodies’ mobility, agility, and energy levels.

Furthermore, Nina touches on the impact of social media on body image, both for women over forty and for younger generations. She shares practical tips for controlling our social media feeds and seeking out more diverse and realistic representations of age, size, and diversity.

Ultimately, the goal of this episode is to empower each listener to develop a positive and nourishing relationship with their body. By unpacking body stories, relearning how to listen to our bodies, and honoring their wisdom, we can create a new narrative that aligns with our overall well-being and sense of self.

So, grab your favorite beverage, settle in, and get ready to explore the concept of body peace with our incredible guest, Nina Manolson. Let’s dive in!

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