How To Create What You Want  

My guest today is Dee Wallace, successful actress and spiritual energy teacher. Dee is best known as the mother in ET and she has continued her acting career success all the while being a spiritual energy teacher. Dee has been one of my spiritual mentors for more than 10 years and I was so excited when she agreed to be a guest on my podcast!

We talked about the creation process and how we can direct it to create the life that we want, or not as the case may be. If you listen or watch this episode you will get an introduction to or review of (depending on your level of understanding) how to decide what you want and then create it.

Dee’s website has all of her webinars and books available for purchase along with other events, trainings, private sessions, and acting workshops. Dee’s latest book, BORN, is a powerful book about how Spirituality, Brain Science, and Religion are all teaching the same principles, and how you can easily use them in creating your life. BORN is available on Dee’s website, , and on Amazon.

Dee also hosts a Sunday morning (9 am Pacific Time) call-in show where you can ask Dee for info on any question you have about yourself and your life. The call-in number is 319-527-7305 or you can listen online at Blog Talk Radio – 

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