How Much of Them Should I Eat?


Purple & green cabbages


Results from 2 studies in the UK both dealing with the impact of vegetables and/or fruit in the diet. The first shows the relation between higher amounts of cruciferous vegetables in one’s diet and a lower rate of abdominal aorta calcification.

In the study a group of women over 70 years old eating 1/4 cup or more of cabbage, broccoli, brussel sprouts, or cauliflower were 46% less likely to have aortic calcification. And having aortic calcification has been shown to make it more likely that you would have a heart attack or stroke.

The second study questions how much of an impact some of the common dietary advice actually has on one’s health and specifically your gut. Things like eat five-a-day fruits & vegetables or even what five we should pick to eat. Most of this study had to do with the colon and specifically the lining of the colon.

There are a few medical terms that were included like terminal ileum (where the small intestine intersects with the large intestine) and proximal colon (first and middle areas of the colon). The wrap-up advice that the study writers include is that at this point in time we should all follow a Mediterranean diet plus coffee. Sounds like good and yummy advice to follow!


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