Cryotherapy Explained  

Today’s guest, Kyle Jones, is the co-founder and COO of iCRYO. He has been involved in health & wellness since becoming an athlete in high school, then continuing on through college, and after college when he won national gold medals in Competitive Power Lifting. He also worked as a Physical Therapist where he learned about how important rehab & recovery are.

He was first introduced to Cryotherapy in 2012 and as Kyle started to look more into it, he began to realize the amazing benefits Cryotherapy has to offer for all types of bodies. In 2015 he decided to open his first center and it was at that point that Kyle hired and trained a staff specifically for providing this service to the public.

We had an interesting conversation and I had a lot of questions about what Cryotherapy is, how it helps and with what kinds of services. I learned that inflammation is the biggest issue that their centers and Cryotherapy can help with and since that is the major cause of most physical issues I can see how iCRYO has become so popular so fast. If you want to check it out for yourself go to their website at   


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