New Interview with Dr. Cris

Dr. Cris Azzola joined me for a talk about digestion and how it changes as we age. It was so informative and interesting to go deeper into the subject of how our bodies change creating new ways for our digestion to be supported or not by specific types of foods.

Cris tells us about bitters and tart food, how it wakes up our senses, how taste and smell affects our saliva and enzymes, and the herbs and spices that can help our overall digestion. There is also information about how all of this affects how much we do or don’t eat as we age.

Then we talked about stomach acid and how important that is to the whole digestion process so we get all of the nutrients in our food. Cris explains how important it is to find out why someone is not digesting their food because there are many different causes of upset stomachs as we age, sometimes too much acid and sometimes not enough.

You’ll learn a lot by listening / watching this podcast with Dr. Cris Azzola, N.D. If you would like to contact her you can go to her website at or email her directly at


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