Movement-Based Fitness    



Andy Chan is a certified strength & conditioning specialist, educator, and speaker from Hong Kong. He has a genuine passion for making a positive impact in the fitness industry through learning and sharing different unique methodologies. He currently teaches education & training courses for companies such as the National Academy of Sport Medicine, TRX TriggerPoint Performance, and Power Plate.

His movement-based training is based in his unique outlook on health, exercise, and mental fitness   integrating traditional Chinese medicine with Western training philosophy. We also talked specifically about the changes that need to be made by those of us over 50 in starting a new or re-starting an old exercise program. I’m sure you’ll find his viewpoints and suggestions valuable.

Andy is the co-author of the book Dynamic Balance where he and his co-author Stella Wong use traditional Chinese medicine to explain how it can help us perform at our best and be at our healthiest. Dynamic Balance is available at Amazon.

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