Body In Balance

This week’s guest, Dr. Diana Salazar, is an Energetic Chiropractor specializing in gentle adjustments, proactive postural training and intuitive healing. Her goal is to help people feel better and learn how to take care of their unique bodies. She blends Reiki, energetic breath work with manual therapy and exercises to create an introspective mind-body-spirit experience.

We became quick friends when Zoom and/or we were having sound issues and we were both able to see the humor in our situation. After we got that taken care of we found that we shared a similar view that health involves a lot more than just your “numbers”. She wants her patients to increase their awareness of themselves and to feel better day to day and not just when they walk out of her office.

I’m sure you will enjoy listening to her refreshing view on her role as a chiropractor. If you’d like to learn more go to her website

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