Asset Protection with Estate Planning



My guest this week, John K Ross IV, is an attorney and nationally recognized expert in estate planning and asset protection. Among the many skills that John learned at law school and in his own estate planning legal firm over the past 20 years are helping the elderly protect their life savings, creating special needs trusts for disabled individuals, maximizing quality of life, and preserving needed resources. 

John is a member of the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys and speaks nationally on all of the above subjects. If you’re wondering why John is on the podcast it’s because we all know how difficult life can be when we’re younger and starting out but it can get even harder when we hit the our 50’s and our kids are growing up and our parents are starting to slow down. We may think we’re covered but it only takes a fall or a car accident hospital bills, or law suits, or one of many other life events to turn our whole world upside down. 

This podcast is full of good information that we all need and it isn’t as depressing as these show notes make it sound.
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