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Mary Katherine (MK) Stahl is a fitness enthusiast and entrepreneur who discovered her passion for fitness and group workouts at Fit Body Bootcamp many years ago. She fell in love with the sense of community, culture, and accountability that the studio provided. Inspired by her own fitness journey and the desire to create a community for others, MK and her husband decided to open their own Fit Body Bootcamp location, despite initial doubts and obstacles. They underwent training and signed a franchise agreement with Fit Body Bootcamp headquarters in California. After finding a suitable location, they opened their first location within eight months. 

Since then, MK and her husband have successfully opened three more Fit Body Bootcamp locations. MK is now the Community Manager for over 250 locations and the franchise, working on their marketing team and hosting the Beyond The Scale podcast. The podcast focuses on health and fitness topics beyond just the numbers on the scale, catering to the Fit Body Bootcamp community and clients. MK’s journey is a testament to the power of passion and determination in pursuing one’s dreams.

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