Re-evaluate Your 2024 Fitness Goals




This week’s guest is fitness coach Kelly Howard. Kelly is the Fitness Consistency Expert with a touch of Adventure and the author of FIT: Active & Ageless for Life. For over 25 years Kelly has helped thousands of women prioritize their fitness so they can feel great and have more fun in this second half of life. She invites women to adventure out of their comfort zones by trying new experiences they may have only dreamt of.

Together, we delve into the topic of perfection and the pressure it creates, highlighting the importance of exercise as a fundamental part of daily routine for both physical and mental well-being. Sharing their personal experiences with falls, Susan and Kelly underline the significance of balance, foot placement, and leg-strengthening exercises.

The discussion takes a deep dive into reevaluating goals for the new year, emphasizing the need to find a meaningful “north star” for physical activity rather than solely focusing on weight loss. They stress the importance of taking personal responsibility for health and well-being, offering practical tips and insights. Kelly brings a fresh perspective to fitness, emphasizing consistency and debunking the myth that physical and mental decline with age are inevitable.

This episode is packed with valuable insights and motivation for improving health and well-being after the age of 50. Join us for a conversation filled with inspiration and practical advice for leading a fulfilling and healthy lifestyle. To learn more about Kelly you can go to her website at And if you are interested in learning about Kelly’s Virtual Travel parties (sorry men but they’re for women only) click the following website link —-…

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