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In the latest episode of HTA50 our guest, Dr. John Neustadt, tells us about how certain medications can actually increase our risk of osteoporosis. We talk about how to protect bone health and explore safer alternatives to medications like anti-depressants, SSRI’s, and acid-blocking medications. We also explore the value of exercise, nutrition, and other holistic approaches to well-being and talk about Dr. Neustadt’s new book – Fracture-Proof Your Bones. His website has a lot of valuable information and products on many different areas of health. Check it out below!

This information is very valuable for all of the women and men listening. Osteoporosis is not something that can easily be reversed and its effects are hard to watch and/or have. Today’s episode is a bit longer than usual so find a comfortable seat and soak up the good information provided!

You can contact Dr. Neustadt at his website.
Or buy his new book on his website as well.    


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