Melissa Lanz of the Fresh 20


This week’s guest, Melissa Lanz, is the creator of the Fresh 20, a former cooking instructor, television writer, and Internet Professional. She feels that the way to be and age healthfully is to focus on food, listen to your body and  pay attention to what you’re eating. She grew up having a really bad relationship with food and her life – she turned that around as she got older. That was when when she learned about healthy eating, how that helped her feel better, live longer, raise healthy kids, and keep diseases at bay.

We talked about inflammation, how your body changes as you get older and you need to pay attention to that, and how there is so much negative info coming in via society and media  and we need to evaluate it not just accept it. There is so much great information in this podcast that I can’t put it all here in the show notes. So be sure to listen to the whole show!

First an Amazon link to her book – The Fresh 20: 20-Ingredient Meal Plans   

Next the link to Melissa’s The Fresh 20 website where you can learn more about her and her team.   

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