From Meat-eater to Totally Vegan




Michael Dorfman is an 80 year old vegan who is a New Yorker by birth and has lived in Mexico for more than 50 years. He met his wife while on a vacation, married her and stayed in Mexico where they have raised their family. After getting involved in Zen Buddhism they decided to become lacto vegetarians which they did for 30+ years. Then Michael found that dairy wasn’t agreeing with him so they became vegans.

It was at that time that Michael started connecting a vegan diet to feeling the best he’d ever felt. He also saw a lot of others who got over heart problems, easily lost weight, and overall felt younger and healthier. It was also during that time that he wrote his first book – The Thriving Vegan, How to Discover the Foods Your Body Loves  – buy it here on Amazon

Michael also has an ebook that he will send to you if you send an email request to


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