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This week’s guest is Dr. Michael Turner. Dr. Turner graduated from Stanford University, Harvard Medical School, and did his internship at The Mayo Clinic. He has his own Concierge Integrative Medicine Practice where he works with a wide variety of medical issues; things like health, wellness & anti-aging topics, goals and interests, health optimization, and even sports nutrition and performance. He wants to help people live in their best possible state of health and wellness.

We talked a lot about specific issues and some of the ways we can help ourselves in solving them. Dr. Turner would not be your primary care doctor but he is someone who can help you to deal with specific problems – for example wanting to talk about brain or heart health, preventing dementia, improving their cholesterol, or side effects from current medication.

I can’t go through it all here but I will say that this was one of the best podcast conversations I’ve had and I’m sure you will learn a lot. You might even want to contact Dr. Turner for help with a medical problem you are dealing with. His website is :  

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