Fitter Faster  

Robert Davis, The Healthy Skeptic, was on HTA50 in October of 2021 to talk about his book Supersized Lies. Today he’s returned to talk about his newest book, Fitter Faster which answers how to get fit in just minutes a day.

Fitter Faster is an update of an earlier book which reflected Robert’s interest in fitness. For this new edition he’s teamed up with Brad Kolowich, a personal trainer from Atlanta, to go deeper into, among other things, how to select your best routines, weights, at a gym, what time of day to workout, and how to keep exercising.

They have also included a comprehensive program that you can use as a blueprint for creating your own program that you will enjoy and consequently stick with. And one thing Robert says on the podcast is that exercise is the closest thing that we humans have to a fountain of youth. So listen in to the whole podcast – then go out and buy his new book to start, change, or just continue your exercise routine.

You can buy it here on amazon –


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