Interview with Jeff Kelton, PhD

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My guest today is Jeff Kelton, PhD, self-described incessant wanderer and author of An Insider’s Guide to the Art of Deep Relaxation. We had a very good conversation about his background and grounding as a clinical psychologist, consultant, and nowTransformation Coach. 

Jeff also created his own process where he guides “leaders, truth seekers, and creatives to find and use their “Inner GPS” to navigate their journey in life”. The process is called GlobalWalkabouts and he has had much success in helping people to gain a connection to self that “provides greater peace and inner knowing of what’s next in their lives”.

In our discussion Jeff shares what he has learned about himself and about serving others and particularly about the value of deep relaxation in the cultivation of Whole Body Presence. Relaxation is also a way that we can manage stress and any discomforts of daily living that people (particularly those of us over 50) are feeling. He has a Facebook Group that he invited all of you to join (I’m already a member) to discover more about the experience of truly relaxing. The Group is called Art of Deep Relaxation and the link is 

Jeff’s book is available on Amazon (“An Insider’s Guide to the Art of Deep Relaxation” but he offered to send a free PDF copy to anyone who sends an email referencing this podcast and requesting the PDF. The email address to use is And if anyone has questions or wants to get more information you can also contact Jeff at the same email to set up a time to have a chat and learn more.

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