…And How They Put It Right



In today’s podcast episode, Dr. Ardavan Aslie, a seasoned spine surgeon with over 20 years of experience, sheds light on the controversial use of plates and screws for rigid fixation in surgeries. Dr. Aslie takes a critical look at the standard practice, despite the use and availability of different materials and he explains how this approach may not be as effective as it seems. It is a much more interesting story and discussion than it sounds – gives us a good view of how modern medicine works.

His new book is called “Corporate Spine: How Spinal Surgery Went Off Track and How We Put it Right”. The book reveals continued research into the surprisingly common practice of using pedicle screws in spine surgery despite overwhelming evidence that they are practically useless and cause harm down the road. Dr. Aslie’s ultimate goal is to empower patients to ask their surgeons the tough questions, encouraging them to stay informed about the limitations of current practices and pushing the surgeons to do further research.

Dr. Aslie is a board-certified spine surgeon who earned his MD from New York Medical College and his spine surgery fellowship training at Harvard University. He completed his residency at New York’s famed St. Vincent’s Hospital while working with some of the world’s most renowned scoliosis surgeons.

You can contact Dr. Aslie at his website SactoSpine.com ;
on LinkedIn at DrArdavanAslie ;
and on YouTube at SpineTreatmentCenter  

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