An Interview with Joseph Oniwor 

My guest today is Joseph Oniwor. Joe is a pro arena football player turned transformation trainer who has been in the fitness industry for 28 years. His mission is to help women 48 years old and over to take back control over their bodies while they are dealing with the energy loss and weight gain that typically comes along with menopause.

Listen in as we talk about what family and personal health issues brought him to become a health coach and to work with menopausal women in particular. I know from personal experience that we can be a bit moody and temperamental during that age.

Joe and I also talked about how to keep your fitness and strength during Covid and exercising at home. He has some very helpful suggestions for how to set up a kind of gym in a small space inside your own home.

Continuing, we talked about how people need to find a “why” for making healthy changes and choices in their lives. Switching to healthy foods, starting or continuing an exercise regime, while creating and maintaining a mindset that allows them to confidently take care of themselves first in their lives (one of my favorite topics).

This podcast is one of my longer ones but I think you’ll find it full of good advice and information. Let me know what you think. If you’d like to get in contact with Joe I’ve added his website and other specific information about some of his programs and free information below.

Website:  IG:   FB: @JOCfitlife

Free 7 Day Challenge – This has 26 exercises in 6 different workouts included, 


If you are feeling overwhelmed and lost on the treadmill of your life. I can help you find more time for yourself and learn how to prioritize yourself in your own life. To talk more contact me at

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