The Boss of Me



Ruth Yunker is a writer and humorist. She’s published three books. Two on her own about exploring Paris. The third is “Baby, I’m the Boss of Me:  My Journey to Ageless”. Ruth has found the way to tackle the coming of old age that promises to be a fabulous continuation of the joy-filled life she’s living now. She plans to use optimism, personal power and curiosity to carry her through, while maintaining her sanity, sense of humor and joie de vivre. Her book “Baby, I’m the Boss of Me” tells you how you can too.

We had a wonderfully energetic conversation which I thoroughly enjoyed and I’m sure you will as well! Listen in and learn about her adventures traveling, living in different places in the world, raising a family, dealing with physical issues, and living her best life now!

Her latest book, “Baby, I’m the Boss of Me” is available on Amazon –

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