Changing Her Message and Her Vocation


Join Kari Klein and I as we discuss finding a way to pivot and grow from one passion to a larger vocation… you can listen to the audio or watch the video below.


My guest on this week’s podcast is Kari Klein. Kari was a chiropractor for 16 years before she decided that she wanted to work with people from a more whole body/mind point of view and not just specific aches and pains. To help people to live from a deeper sense of well being.

Some of the areas we talked about included looking at health & wellness as encompassing not just physical and mental health but also how mindset and inner wisdom are basic integral parts of our lives. Kari saw that a lot of her patients were exhausted from trying to fix specific aches and pains instead of looking at their body and mind as one whole entity that needed to exist in balance which would bring them better overall health.

We continued our discussion talking about how we all need to have more curiosity about everything in life including our health, wellness, and how we look at ourselves and the world. This had led her to spend a year studying cellular biology and see that each cell is like a universe in and of itself. Be sure to listen to that part of the interview at minute 30 of the podcast.

Overall, it was a very interesting and enlightening conversation and I hope that you all enjoy it. The best place to contact Kari is on her Facebook profile at

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