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My guest this week is Doctor Bolad, a Board-Certified Physician in Cardiology, Interventional Cardiology, and Internal Medicine, as well as a few other certifications and degrees. It is a very impressive list of educational accomplishments. All of which is to say that when he talks about heart and cardiovascular subjects one listens, as I did during our recent discussion.

Dr. Bolad explains what cardiology is, why it becomes more important as we get past 50 years old, the role of family medical histories, some of the symptoms we should watch out for, and quite a few other subjects that affect all of us “older” people. It was a really valuable discussion and I’m sure you’ll learn a lot from it.

If you’re interested in subscribing to Dr. Bolad’s website you can go here:  There are blogs and videos about many different subjects and don’t forget that you can ask any question you want from there as well.

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