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This week’s guest is Chris Burres, an entrepreneur-turned-longevity expert who will share his accidental journey into the world of health supplements with his groundbreaking product, MyVitalC. Chris recounts his transition from mechanical engineering to becoming a key player in the longevity space, pioneering research that suggests the potential for a 90% increase in lifespan. We’ll explore his personal story, delve into the world of nanomaterials, and uncover the surprising truths behind living a longer, better life including how MyVitalC can support us in doing it.

If you’re interested in trying the MyVitalC product you can get it at their website and get a discount by using the code hta50 at checkout  – https://www.myvitalc.com/hta50 At the same time we also talk about his foray into authorship with his new book “Live Longer and Better,” co-authored with Dr. Jerome Corsey – also available on the MyVitalC website.

Despite a jam-packed week of podcast appearances and a bout of throat issues, Chris was here to pass on valuable tips from renowned longevity experts and tackle pertinent questions about society’s views on aging, discuss the realistic potential of living up to 120 years, and confront concerns on topics like mental decline, Alzheimer’s, and dementia.

Chris shares highlights from his upcoming longevity summit, revealing insights from some of the 55 keynote speakers across valuable health domains who will be on.
You can register for the summit at this link —  https://secretstolongevity.byhealthmeans.com/?idev_id=25865
If you are interested in ordering your own copy of the summit use this link — https://secretstolongevity.byhealthmeans.com/order/?idev_id=25865  

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