Manage, Improve, & Heal Arthritis

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Growing up I always thought that Arthritis was something you got when you were older and it didn’t go away. Now I’ve learned that you can actually not get it to start with and if you have it you can manage it, improve it, and actually cure it.

This podcast gives you information about how exercise can help strengthen your muscles and your joints which will improve your arthritis, if you have it, and will also set you up to not develop it if you don’t. But you have to do the exercise consistently and the right way, that’s where your doctor or physical therapist comes in. Yoga and Tai Chi exercise have both been found to be very helpful in pain reduction and improvement in coordination, balance, and body awareness.

The other part of that equation is your diet and the food you eat. It has been shown in multiple studies over the past 5 years that the Mediterranean Diet can ward off, improve, and/or heal both osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. The Mediterranean Diet is a very anti-inflammatory regime and arthritis is caused by inflammation so it makes sense that it can help your body to fight off the arthritis before you develop or heal it if you already have it.

Here’s a link to my previous podcast on the Mediterranean Diet where I go into more detail than in this show.

I also mention the interview I had with my friend Louise Tyrrell who is a yoga teacher and inspirational speaker based in Ireland. Louise is currently leading online yoga classes on her website

The interview show is at this link –

I hope you enjoy this podcast as well as both of the previous podcasts. Leave me a comment below and tell me what you’ve found most interesting… 

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