Three Subject Podcast:
Loneliness, Coughing & Dehydration

Lone man walking



  • Listen and learn about 3 different subjects that affect all of us over 50.

  • How loneliness is a bigger killer of older people than many diseases are.

  • Debunking an internet story about heart attacks and how coughing can save you from dying.

  • The affect of even one hour less sleep on your body’s hydration and what you can do to counteract it.

  • All of these short (especially #2 & #3) subjects can improve your wellness or your spouse or parent’s.

If you want to learn more about sleep you can go to my podcast and blogposts about it. Or you can buy a great book about sleep that’s out in paperback called Why We Sleep.

    2 replies to "Loneliness, Coughing & Dehydration"

    • Mike

      Keep going finding your points of view eye opening.
      ~ Mike

      • Susan Rosin

        Mike – thank you for the comment and the support! I try to find interesting health tips and add my own experience as well to make it more accessible/usable for my listeners.

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