Meditation for Calming Fearful Memories

Spa and Wellness

  • Volunteers trained in Mindfulness Meditation were able to break their “anxiety habit” caused by fearful memories.

  • In this study the researchers used “safety memories” to help the participants in conjunction with the mindfulness meditation to do this.

  • They also learned through mindfulness how to stop judging their own thoughts.

  • Overall the meditation group did better than the control group who used exercise based stress management.

  • Meditation classes are available in many community centers, spiritual/buddhist communities, senior centers, YMCA’s, etc. You can easily find one near you.

  • There’s a short “holiday” tip having to do with wrapping gifts and creating expectations. Don’t disappoint the person you are gifting by wrapping your gift “inappropriately”.

Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday and a great new year!!

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