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My guest this week is Paul Burgess, the owner of Paul Burgess Functional Medicine Limited, to tackle the topic of conflicting online health information and the importance of seeking professional guidance before blindly following it. Paul emphasizes the dangers of self-diagnosing based on online advice and highlights the need to address root causes of health issues rather than just treating symptoms. He urges listeners to entrust their health to knowledgeable professionals, emphasizing the complexity of individual health and the ineffectiveness of quick fixes.

Paul also delved into the impact of lifestyle choices, genetics, and age on health outcomes. He shares success stories of patients who have been proactive in addressing their health concerns and emphasizes the need for consistent monitoring and testing. Throughout our lively conversation, Paul provides valuable insights on personalized approaches to nutrition, supplementation, and the impact of medication on overall health.

Listeners can visit Paul’s website at and book a free 30-minute consult call to discuss their health concerns, habits, and beliefs.


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