Robin Allen Talks to HTA50

This week’s guest, Robin Allen, is a mother, nutritionist, entrepreneur, founder of Necessary Nutrition, Inc., and the creator of the Necessary Nutrition brand of supplements including Vitamin D3. Necessary Nutrition recently celebrated its 14th year in business. Over the years, Robin has inspired thousands of people to use food and nutrition to build and repair their bodies, and continues to connect others to resources and tools to live a peaceful, health filled life.

17 years ago Robin was pre-diabetic and overweight when she realized that food was either going to kill her or keep her alive. And that the illnesses and diseases we face are due in large part to what you put in your mouth or what you don’t put in your mouth. Robin was fascinated with the power of food and everything she didn’t know about it. At that point in her life she decided to make a career shift and she pivoted to focus on nutrition. You’ll love this podcast, I certainly enjoyed meeting Robin and spending the time with her. You can contact her at her website or on social media at the links below:


Instagram: @nessynutri

Facebook: NessyNutri

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