Glenn Livingston Returns


My podcast guest this week is Glenn Livingston, Ph.D. Glenn was on my show a year ago when we talked about his book “Never Binge Again”. This time we go a little deeper in his own experience with binge eating as well as how he changed his own eating patterns to support a healthier weight than the 250 pounds he was carrying around. He explains in detail the different reasons why people fail to lose weight and how to turn that around in your own life. 

Glenn has an additional 6 books now that give his clients and readers more in-depth advice and tools to use and succeed in their own weight loss journeys. We also talked about how a lot of these tools are applicable to more than just diet and exercise – they work in any project, plan, or change that you want to make in your life. 

The Binge Eating Recovery Coaching, Books, Tutorials and More that Glenn talked about at the end of the podcast can be found at his website There are free items, coaching, books, blog, and a quick start guide. Everything you need to improve your health, weight, and overall life. 

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