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This week’s guest is Tina Baxter, a nurse practitioner whose goal in life is to help people and for people to be better off from having met her. She is a board certified nurse in gerontology (study of the elderly and of the aging process itself), practices nursing four days a week while also being the owner of Baxter Professional Services where she provides legal nurse consulting services to attorneys to help them win their cases. Tina is also the founder of the Nurse Shark Academy (plus podcast) which helps nurses build and launch their own businesses. She is one busy and productive woman!

We talked about what she loves about nursing – the variety, the opportunities to work with patients of all ages and to specialize when she chooses. It’s such an important idea to remember as we all get up in age – look for what makes you happy in your life and do that. You will live a longer and happier life.

Here are some ways to interact with Tina: 

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