Barbara Diaz de Leon Returns to HTA50



Barbara Diaz de Leon is a licensed Registered Nurse and a Health Coach certified through the Primal Health Coach Institute and the Institute of Transformational Nutrition. Barbara experienced a remarkable health transformation in her fifties, which ignited her passion for empowering other women to achieve similar life-changing results.

Dedicated to guiding midlife and beyond women, Barbara’s coaching practice focuses on helping them reclaim their vitality, shed unwanted pounds, and fully embrace life. Her approach involves simple, sustainable strategies in nutrition, exercise, lifestyle, and mindset that provide lasting results for her clients.

Barbara has a complimentary 7-Day Paleo Meal Plan that you can either download from her website – – or you can send an email to with the subject “MealPlan”. Her website will also have links to find her on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

Barbara has a new book being published in February titled Feel Great in 28 to help midlife women and beyond release unwanted weight and get the zest back into their lives. To get on her book waitlist use this link   





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