Whole Foods Against Cancer



In today’s HTA50 Podcast Steven Abbey of SOS Nutrients will be sharing his story and insights on the importance of nutrition in preventing diseases like cancer, diabetes, and obesity. Steven is a passionate advocate for healthy living, as he has personally witnessed many people in his life develop cancer and is determined to make a difference. He believes in the power of natural ingredients and whole food nutrition to support our bodies in staying healthy and thriving.

During our conversation, Steven discusses the benefits of incorporating turmeric and cruciferous vegetables into our diets to help avoid cancer. He shares his own healthy habit of growing broccoli sprouts and adding them to his smoothies for a nutrient-packed boost. Steven also delves into the difference between cooking and drying food, emphasizing the importance of consuming vegetables in their raw form to retain vital enzymes. He highlights the alarming statistics about the average American diet, with a significant portion consisting of fats, sugars, and refined grains.

Additionally, Steven shares insights into a specially designed product he has created that serves as a smoothie additive, making it easy for people to incorporate into their daily routine. He explains how this product fills in the gaps of a regular smoothie, providing essential nutrients that are often lacking. Steven’s product is called SOS Nutrients and is made from high-quality natural ingredients ensuring optimal absorption  and effectiveness. 

Join us for this informative episode as we dive into the world of whole food nutrition and discover practical tips and insights from Steven on how we can make consistent, healthy choices to support our well-being. He also explains how SOS Nutrients focuses on the synergy between nutrients and avoiding artificial additives, setting itself apart from 95% of the market, and providing a superior health solution that doesn’t rely on synthetic components. You can go to SOSNutrients website to find out more and to order their product. SOSNutrients.com


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