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My guest today is Dr. Danielle Peebles, an author and Chiropractic physician in St. Louis, MO. One of her major accomplishments has been her Pro Health Family Chiropractic Practice, which was founded in 2007. Pro Health is a place where a patient receives a unique and high quality chiropractic experience, where their healing needs and health goals are put first while trying to make the person feel better as quickly as possible.

Dr. Peebles’ enthusiasm, knowledge, and easy patient connection were very obvious during our conversation. I have to say that if I lived in St. Louis I would definitely sign up to be one of her patients too. I’m sure that you’ll feel the same way too after listening to our conversation!

Checkout Dr. Peebles’ website – – and her book – Sex Sent Me to the Chiropractor (available on Amazon).

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