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This week’s guest, Nathan Price, has just co-authored a newly published book from Harvard Press called The Age of Scientific Wellness: Why the Future of Medicine is Personalized, Predictive, Data-Rich, and in Your Hands. Nathan is the Chief Scientific Officer of Thorne HealthTech and has a Ph.D. in Bioengineering from the University of California, San Diego. He has a number of other degrees as well which you can learn about by listening to the podcast. 

We talk about Scientific Wellness, some of the new health information available, new developments in Alzheimers and aging, and his varied path from UC San Diego to his present position at Thorne. Thorne itself has pivoted to focus primarily on healthy aging and how do we do that. That includes working with health care practitioners & doctors and online direct to customers, both of which gets their information and products faster and more easily into the hands of the people who need it. 

It was so interesting and there was so much valuable information about new things in the pipeline that will make it easier and faster for all of us to get test results and advice. I’m sure you’ll enjoy the show as much as I did. You can go to Thorne’s website,  to learn more about what they’re doing and how you can access new developments and supplements in the field of aging.

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