Are the Short Days Depressing You?

Senior Woman Consoling Husband At Home


This week’s podcast deals with the issue of Seasonal Affective Disorder – better know as SAD. At this point in time there is no good understanding of the causes of SAD, that maes it very difficult to find solutions for managing it.

SAD is a disorder that occurs during “winter” time (i.e. short days and long nights). There are various treatments available but none of them work for everyone who tries them. There are light boxes that simulate the sun, there are anti-depressants (since this is considered to be a depressive disorder), and behavioral therapy. Some people try nutritional solutions but those have not been found to be valuable.

Pay attention to how you’re feeling during the winter because cases of SAD could be worse than usual if it gets combined with the Covid-19 related depressions that so many people are already feeling. I go through the most common symptoms in the podcast and they are very similar to the ones for “normal” depressions. Support yourself, your family, friends, and co-workers if they are having a harder time than usual during these winter months.

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