Do You Need More?  

Woman sleeping

Sleeping is one of those things that we don’t think too much about until we start experiencing issues with it. This podcast is about some of those issues and a few suggested solutions.

As we get older sleep patterns change and if we don’t sleep well or long enough it can affect our bodies and our brains. One of the things your body and brain do when you’re sleeping is to clean up all of the residue from the day. During sleep your body also reduces inflammation and C-Reactive Protein, lowers blood sugar levels, and kills harmful bacteria and viruses.

Not getting enough sleep can lead to weight gain, heart disease, and depression among other negative ramifications. The large majority of people need 7-8 hours of sleep a night but as I know from personal experience many of us only get 5.5-6.5 hours. I used to get the lower amount but now I get 7-8.

Other things covered in this podcast is your sleeping environment, snoring, supplements, blue-blocking glasses, and other things that can help you to sleep better.

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