How a Petsitter Cured Her Own Sciatica


My guest this week is Barbara Farfan, petsitter by trade and the creator of the website To quote Barbara her “first run-in with Sciatica occurred at the beginning of the 2020 Global Pandemic Lockdown. I was stranded in Mexico in a small town on the Yucatan peninsula. I didn’t know what “sciatica” was, didn’t know what to do about it, and didn’t even speak the language well enough to find out.”

She did know that she had to find some way to stop the pain without negative side effects. She created her own natural treatment plan and 4 months later she was Sciatica symptom free and has remained that way since then. Tune in to hear her story, her Sciatica treatment plan, and to get to know this fascinating woman and her story better. 

If you go to her website you can download her free quick reference guide and/or her $12.99 Digital Download E-book. 

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