Managing Stress – Is It Possible?

Stress Management

  • Manage your stress to maintain longer term memory and brain capacity

  • Learn about how fast stress can injure your brain (it doesn’t take very long) and what to do to avoid the negative consequences.

  • Some stress is good for you – it’s like exercising your brain and your vascular system. After a short stress period your brain and body should go back to normal.

  • A few things you can do to help you deal with stress are laugh, meditate, get a massage, and/or journal.

  • Exercise is one of the best things for your body and your brain – pick one or many different ones – the important thing is to be consistent so find ones you enjoy!

  • BDNF (brain-derived neurotrophic factor) helps your hippocampus to create new brain cells. You can help increase your BDNF by exercising (there it is again), social interaction, cultural activities (plays, movies, museums, etc.). 

  • Using/digesting coffee fruit extract (not beans) can also increase your BDNF. There are various supplements these days that include it. I’ve included a couple of Amazon links below to a few of them…Enjoy!!

  100% Pure Hawaiian Coffeeberry Coffee Fruit Extract (Coffea arabica) (1oz)

  Garden of Life Dr. Formulated Organic Brain Health Memory & Focus for Adults 40+

  Coffee Cascara, CATURRA TEA, Natural Focus 120g Organic – healthy fruit of the coffee plant!  

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