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My guest this week is Jo Bhakti, the CEO and founder of Serenity, a groundbreaking medical intelligence company. Jo explains “medical intelligence” in the podcast. Jo is an expert in the field of healthcare, with a focus on genetics, blood testing, and medical intelligence. In this episode, Jo tells us about the challenges and opportunities in healthcare, including the importance of early detection, the limitations of conventional medicine, and the role of medical intelligence in delivering cost-effective healthcare. 

We also discuss the need for a free market system in healthcare, the power of prevention and detection, and the growing awareness that something is fundamentally wrong with the current incentive structure. Jo shares his vision for the future of medicine, emphasizing the importance of collaboration, innovation, and patient empowerment. Get ready for a thought-provoking and enlightening conversation about the state of healthcare today and the possibilities for a better tomorrow. 

Three important takeaways from this episode are:

1. Medical intelligence and early detection are crucial in improving healthcare outcomes and reducing costs.

2. The current healthcare system is flawed, with issues like lack of innovation, excessive involvement of third parties, and limited accountability.

3. Patients need to take ownership of their healthcare decisions and explore alternative options, such as preventative care and direct partnerships with healthcare providers.

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